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boat detailing also available

There are countless advantages to keeping your vehicle clean and protected throughout the year. Preserving the shiny, new look to your paint job is only the beginning, as corrosion on a vehicle’s surface can drastically reduce its resale value. Moisture will quickly dry on a clean vehicle, but can accumulate in grimy areas on a dirty car, and that accumulation will lead to corrosion if it’s not taken care of.

Your vehicle has more than just rainwater as its enemy. Bird droppings, highway bugs (you know, the kind that are plastered to the front of your vehicle), acid rain, road salt, and atmospheric pollution can all wreak havoc on your once beautiful paint job. Fighting back against these ever-diligent adversaries can seem a daunting task, but really, it’s easier than you’d think.

Express Detail $24.85 (car/small SUV) $29.85(minivan/truck)
"Good" Exterior Wash Package, Vacuum Interior, Dust Dash & Console, Clean Windows, & Add Air Freshener.
15 min while you wait!! No appointment needed!!

Full Interior Detail $114.85 (car/small SUV) & 134.85(minivan/truck)
Vacuum and Spot Clean Carpets, Floor Mats, & Seats, Apply Interior Protectant to all Vinyl & Plastic, and Clean Inside Windows.
ADD $20 for Shampoo/Steam Cleaning
$19.85 for Fabric Protectant (Scotchguard)

Full Exterior Detail $119.85 (car/small SUV) $129.85(minivan/truck)
Wash, polish, and Wax Exterior of Vehicle. Clean Door Jambs. Shine Wheels and Condition Tires. Rinse Engine Compartment* *. Clean Outside Windows.

Deluxe Detail $149.85 (car/small SUV) $169.85 (minivan/truck)
Wash and Was Exterior of Vehicle. Clean Door Jambs. Vacuum and Spot Clean Carpets, Floor Mats, and Seats, Shine Wheels and Condition Tires, Clean Windows Inside & Out.
ADD $20 for Shampoo/Steam Cleaning
$19.85 for Fabric Protectant (Scotchguard)

Ultimate Detail $219.85 (car/small SUV) $239.85 (minivan/truck)
This is our "BEST" Bumper to Bumper Package. It includes Full Exterior & Full Interior Packages, Shampoo/Steam Cleaning, & Underhood Detail**


  • Prices subject to change on large and/or extra dirty vehicles.
  • Customers will be informed of price changes before work is started.
  • **not responsible for check engine lights, engine misfires, etc.....
Additional Services
Shampoo carpets and floor mats $44.85
Shampoo seats $44.85
Fabric protectant (Scotchgard) $29.85
Odor Neutralizer (smoke) $29.85
Under hood Detail $39.85
Headlight Restoration (each) $39.85
Leather/Vinyl Treatment $34.85


Interior Cleaning Vacuum & shampoo carpet. Clean & apply protectant to all vinyl seats and cushions. Clean windows.
$11.00 per foot

Exterior Cleaning Wash and wax exterior to Water line. Clean outboard motor and acid wash lower unit.
$9.00 per foot

Full Boat Cleaning Includes Interior & Exterior packages.
$20.00 per foot

Call for pontoon prices.

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